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World's First "Quantum CBD Energy Chips"

Imagine getting all the benefits of cannibis (CBD) without having to take pills, capsules, oils,
liquids, creams, salves, powders, sprays, inhalers, edibles, or drops? Aegea International has 
the worldwide exclusive rights to this never-before-seen product that is changing lives! This 
product is a hot-seller globally, with effects that start within as little as 5 minutes of applying,
that lasts up to 3 days! Just stick on these "quarter-sized" patches on specific areas of the
body and start to feel the effects in minutes! It's like nothing you may have ever experienced
before! In fact, these tiny patches have been shown to assist with pain & inflammation relief,
anxiety relief, nausea relief, neurological disorder relief, and cardiovascular health. Yes, get 
all of these benefits with NO unwanted THC or foreign substances, chemical patches, 
or ingestion or inhalation necessary to experience the full benefits.

 "Nitro QuiBit"

It's no secret that heart disease (e.g. high blood pressure, stroke, etc.) is the number one natural
killer of people worldwide...and no one is immune! In fact, according to a recent study published
by the American Heart Association: "Cardiovascular disease (CVD) accounts for approximately 
800,000 deaths in the United States (US), or one out of every three deaths. Among Americans,
an average of one person dies from CVD every 40 seconds. Coronary heart disease (CHD) 
accounts for the majority of CVD deaths, followed by stroke and heart failure. More than 90 million
Americans carry a diagnosis of CVD. Over 45% of non-Hispanic blacks live with CVD in the US.
 What if you could wear a special patch about an inch long, that could be applied to specific parts
of the body, and has been shown to assist with: healthy blood pressure levels, increased circulation
& healthy arterial function, cardiovascular & heart health, and relief of inflammation & discomfort...
sometimes within just minutes of applying?

"EMF Shield"

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are very real, and so is exposure to the radiation they emit.
Long story short, EMFs are areas of energy that surround electronic devices (like your 
mobile devices, microwave oven, PC monitor, TV, bluetooth device, etc.). According to
WHO, electromagnetic fields affect us because our human bodies have their own electric 
and biochemical responses (e.g., nervous system, digestion, brain function, heart function).
So exposure to EMFs can interact with your body in adverse ways. Some symptoms of EMF
exposure are: nervous system symptoms, like fatigue, stress and sleep disturbances; skin 
symptoms, like facial prickling, burning sensations and rashes; body symptoms, like pains
and aches in your muscles; eye symptoms, such as burning sensations; foggy thinking and
depression; Infertility, and more. Aegea's "EMF Sheild" enhances and supports the reduction
of nervous system disruptions, like fatigue, stress & sleep disturbances; the reduction of eye
irritations, such as burning sensations; the reduction of skin irritations; and the prevention of
body disruptions like aches & pains in the muscles.

        A Huge Game Changer In “Freshness Innovation”
     Custom Made Product With Results T
hat Are Amazing

Now you can extend the shelf life and prolong freshness of many fruits, vegetables, breads and flowers. The FRESHNESS CARD is laboratory, commercially and home tested to keep all types of foods and flowers fresher, longer. This is the newest, easy to use, innovative quantum energy technology that directly addresses food freshness, spoilage and waste. The Freshness Card  has the unique ability to assist with freshness at any point in the food chain from the farm to the store to your  pantry, refrigerator and counter top! Perfect for the home, business and commercial use!

30 Day Time Lapse Laboratory Tests


                 5 Month Fresh Card Example


                       Products Overview  

"Quantum Energy Card"

If you have ever heard of "Grounding" or "Earthing", this takes it to the next level. 
Many users of the "Quantum Card" have described it as being "Star Trek-like" 
technology that you have to experience in person to believe!





Aegea International Corporate Headquarters

Aegea's Corporate Management Team


What Makes "Aegea International" So Strong!
 Over $250,000 invested into corporate infrastructure
 Multiple merchant accounts to process millions in sales
 Debt-free, privately-held, financially solid company
 Sister Company was a publicly traded company (OTCQB: AEGA)
 Top legal representation from MLM attorney "Scott Warren"
 Corporate headquarters in (Avalon Center) Alpharetta, GA
 CEO & Co-Founder "Jeff Cohen" is former CMO of Monavie
 Chairman "John Gwynne Prosser II" is an 8-figure earner
 Management team has over 50 years combined experience
 Over $100,000 in sales in first 4 days of pre-launch
 FREE worldwide shipping available to up to 100+ countries
 14-day 100% money-back guarantee on all products
 Only 40 BV ($60 - $79) monthly minimum to qualify for pay plan
 Commissions Paid Daily (one week in arrears) via “PayQuicker” debit card
 8 ways to get paid in simple yet powerful compensation plan
 20% Binary caps at $25,000 per week, per business center
 Up to 40% in Binary Matches spread over 4 levels (20% L1)
 Sponsor 20 on a 40 BV monthly order = 2% global pool share

Aegea International's Compensation Plan
Daily Pay Leveraged Income Plan

Aegea International's pay plan is very simple yet powerful way to earn up to 
$25,000 PER WEEK from just 1 of the 8 ways to earn, as follows:

1) Retail Commissions:
    Earn the difference between wholesale and retail on all Retail Customers.

2) Fast Start Bonus:
    Fast Start Bonus payout is based on 50% of BV on product(s) purchased.
   (Refer to all Starter packages for bv amounts.)
   (Free members only entitled to level 1.)
    Level 1: Your personals 60%
    Level 2: Your personals, personals 10%
    Level 3: Your personals, personals, personals 5%
    Level 4: 
5% Must be a Silver Elite Affiliate
    Level 5: 
5% Must be a Gold Elite Affiliate
    Level 6: 
5% Must be a Platinum Affiliate
    Level 7: 
5% Must be a Platinum Elite Affiliate

3) Binary Bonus:
     Earn up to 20% of your lesser leg volume Daily.

Bronze: Sponsor 2, be on 40 BV monthly order, 20% binary, $1,000 weekly 
Bronze Elite: Sponsor 4, be on 40 BV monthly order, 20% binary, $2,000 weekly
Silver: Sponsor 6, be on 40 BV monthly order, 20% binary, $4,000 weekly
Silver Elite: Sponsor 8, be on 40 BV monthly order, 20% binary, $8,000 weekly
Gold: Sponsor 10, be on 40 BV monthly order, 20% binary, $10,000 weekly 
Gold Elite: Sponsor 12, be on 40 BV monthly order, 20% binary, $15,000 weekly 
Platinum: Sponsor 16, be on 80 BV monthly order, 20% binary, $20,000 weekly 
Platinum Elite: Sponsor 20, be on 80 BV monthly order, 20% binary, $25,000 weekly 

4) Matching Bonus:
    Earn up to 4 levels of Matching Bonuses.
    Level 1 - Bronze Elite: Earn 20% binary match on your personals.
    Level 2 - Silver Elite: Earn 10% binary match on your personals, personals.
    Level 3 - Gold Elite: Earn 5% binary match on your personals, personals, personals.
    Level 4 - Platinum Elite: Earn 5% binary match on your personals, personals, personals,

5) Generational Check Match:
  You must be a Platinum Elite and have two personally sponsored Silver affiliates to qualify.
  1: Earn a 10% check match paid on up to 5 generations of Silver affiliates or higher.
      (Matching Bonus based on binary earnings.)

6) One Time Advancement Bonus:
    1: Become a Bronze Elite = $100.00
    2: Become a Silver Elite = $200.00
    3: Become a Gold Elite = $400.00
    4: Become a Platinum = $600.00
    5: Become a Platinum Elite = $1,000.00
        (These are one-time bonuses.)

7) Global Bonus Pool:
     Platinum Elite's earn a share in 2% Global Bonus from total company monthly business

8) Lifestyle Bonus:
  1. As a Platinum Elite, with 2 personally sponsored Silver Elites, earn $500.00 per month!
  2. As a Platinum Elite, with 4 personally sponsored Silver Elites, earn $750.00 per month!
  3. As a Platinum Elite, with 6 personally sponsored Silver Elites, earn $1,000.00 per month!

Would You Like Earn Up To $4,095 Per Week? 

The 12-Week Challenge Chart

*Includes “Fast Start Bonuses” on levels 1, 2 and 3.
**By the 5th week, you will be in profit of $28.50 from your $99 start-up.

Within as little as 12 weeks from your registration date, and by starting with 2 members that
eventually upgrade, you could create over $10,000 in initial earnings (based on all members
purchasing only a $99 business pack), then a residual income of $4,095 per week on those 
SAME members the following month when they renew their purchase or auto-ship.


           $$ Compensation Overview $$


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