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Aegea International

Daily Pay Leveraged Income Plan

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What Makes "Aegea International" So Strong!
 Over $250,000 invested into corporate infrastructure
 Multiple merchant accounts to process millions in sales
 Debt-free, privately-held, financially solid company
 Sister Company was a publicly traded company (OTCQB: AEGA)
 Top legal representation from MLM attorney "Scott Warren"
 Corporate headquarters in (Avalon Center) Alpharetta, GA
 CEO & Co-Founder "Jeff Cohen" is former CMO of Monavie
 Chairman "John Gwynne Prosser II" is an 8-figure earner
 Management team has over 50 years combined experience
 Over $100,000 in sales in first 4 days of pre-launch
 FREE worldwide shipping available to up to 100+ countries
 14-day 100% money-back guarantee on all products
 Only 40 BV ($79) monthly minimum to qualify for pay plan
 Commissions Paid Daily (one week in arrears) via “PayQuicker” Visa Debit Card
 8 ways to get paid in simple yet powerful compensation plan
15% Binary caps at $25,000 per week, per business center
 Up to 40% in Binary Matches spread over 4 levels (20% L1)
 Sponsor 20 on a 40 BV monthly order = 2% global pool share

    Aegea International's pay plan is very simple yet powerful way to earn up to 
   $25,000 PER WEEK from just 1 of the 8 ways to earn, as follows:

1) Retail Commissions:
    Earn the difference between wholesale and retail on all Retail Customers.

2) Fast Start Bonus:
    Fast Start Bonus payout is based on 50% of BV on product(s) purchased.
   (Refer to all Starter packages for bv amounts.)
   (Free members only entitled to level 1.)
    Level 1: Your personals 60%
    Level 2: Your personals, personals 10%
    Level 3: Your personals, personals, personals 5%
    Level 4: 
5% Must be a Silver Elite Affiliate
    Level 5: 
5% Must be a Gold Elite Affiliate
    Level 6: 
5% Must be a Platinum Affiliate
    Level 7: 
5% Must be a Platinum Elite Affiliate

3) Binary Bonus:
     Earn up to 15% of your lesser leg volume Daily.

Bronze: Sponsor 2, be on 40 BV monthly order, $1,000 weekly 
Bronze Elite: Sponsor 4, be on 40 BV monthly order, $2,000 weekly
Silver: Sponsor 6, be on 40 BV monthly order, $4,000 weekly
Silver Elite: Sponsor 8, be on 40 BV monthly order, $8,000 weekly
Gold: Sponsor 10, be on 40 BV monthly order, $10,000 weekly 
Gold Elite: Sponsor 12, be on 40 BV monthly order, $15,000 weekly 
Platinum: Sponsor 16, be on 80 BV monthly order, $20,000 weekly 
Platinum Elite: Sponsor 20, be on 80 BV monthly order, $25,000 weekly 

4) Matching Bonus:
    Earn up to 4 levels of Matching Bonuses.
    Level 1 - Bronze Elite: Earn 20% binary match on your personals.
    Level 2 - Silver Elite: Earn 10% binary match on your personals, personals.
    Level 3 - Gold Elite: Earn 5% binary match on your personals, personals, personals.
    Level 4 - Platinum Elite: Earn 5% binary match on your personals, personals, personals,

5) Generational Check Match:
  You must be a Platinum Elite and have two personally sponsored Silver affiliates to qualify.
  1: Earn a 10% check match paid on up to 5 generations of Silver affiliates or higher.
      (Matching Bonus based on binary earnings.)

6) One Time Advancement Bonus:
    1: Become a Bronze Elite = $100.00
    2: Become a Silver Elite = $200.00
    3: Become a Gold Elite = $400.00
    4: Become a Platinum = $600.00
    5: Become a Platinum Elite = $1,000.00
        (These are one-time bonuses.)

7) Global Bonus Pool:
     Platinum Elite's earn a share in 2% Global Bonus from total company monthly business

8) Lifestyle Bonus:
  1. As a Platinum Elite, with 2 personally sponsored Silver Elites, earn $500.00 per month!
  2. As a Platinum Elite, with 4 personally sponsored Silver Elites, earn $750.00 per month!
  3. As a Platinum Elite, with 6 personally sponsored Silver Elites, earn $1,000.00 per month!

                                                     (PDF DETAILS)

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